Pregnancy Diary Week 7

This week I had my first appointment with the midwife. I know I’m posting this late but I wanted to share my experience as before the appointment I had no idea as to what was about to happen, and this made me really anxious.

I’ve found the nauseous feelings to be really bad this week to the point I’ve been retching quite a lot – but this settled significantly after seeing the midwife and I wonder if it was anxiety manifesting itself.

So, this is how it went. The night before, hubby and I spent a good hour or so going through my ‘hand held maternity record’, filling in the first 12 pages, as we’d been asked to do before the appointment.

When I saw the midwife, after I’d burst into tears and blurted out that I wasn’t sure what was going on (I think she meant with the pregnancy and starting going on about what a big change being pregnant can be – yes I know that, I meant about the appointment!) she went through the form with me (which is mostly medical history) then told me about a huge number of things very quickly! I’ll bullet point this bit, as otherwise this post will get very long and very boring!

Here’s what was covered, not necessarily in this order:

  • My height and weight were taken, and they calculated my BMI (19.5; she gave me a bit of a stern look and said if it had been 18 she’d have had to refer me; to where, I have no idea. It seemed a moot point)
  • Bloods were taken, to test for blood group, iron levels (I think) and resistance to rubella and other things.
  • I provided a urine sample which was checked for proteins (all ok)
  • We discussed any allergies I have
  • She told me about foods I should avoid and also told me to tuck into nuts, especially peanuts
  • She told me to take folic acid and vitamin D (apparently it’s fine if the vitamin D is combined with calcium)
  • I was instructed to have a flu jab (I booked one at reception on the way out)
  • She asked where I was planning to have the baby (I wasn’t expecting this, as hubby had said the night before, surely we didn’t need to think about this yet?)
  • We talked about how much alcohol I consumed pre-pregnancy (this makes me sound like an alcoholic! I’m not! Honest.)
  • We discussed any pre-existing conditions (obviously I brought up my Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) she didn’t know anything about it but said I would likely have to see consultants as my pregnancy progresses; I was expecting this anyway)
  • There were probably other things but I’m afraid I can’t remember!

Although my favourite point was when we talked about intimacy during pregnancy and she said, “oh, are you even interested in sex? I wasn’t at all during my pregnancy and told my husband that he knows what his right hand is for!”
I think I’m going to like my midwife.

PD week 7

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