Book Review: Dr Dawn’s Guide to Toddler Health

September 2, 2016

As Little M grows older, I thought I’d find it easier to know what I’m supposed to do with her. I mean, I’ve learned how to change her nappy, wash her and can generally tell when she’s tired or hungry. In actual fact, I find that I’m googling more than ever to find out what to expect next. Last week, I reviewed Dr Dawn’s Guide…

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Meet the Parents – Advice for new mummies and daddies with Motherhood: The Real Deal

August 31, 2016

It’s time again for my blog series featuring advice from a mummy or daddy who’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt! This week it’s Talya from Motherhood: The Real Deal.  Tell me a bit about you, your blog and your family.  We are a little family of three – me and my partner, and my whirlwind of a three year old daughter. She…

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Exclusively Expressing: Three Months In

August 29, 2016

Little M turned three months old last week. I’m proud to say that I’m still exclusively expressing breast milk for her, and still haven’t had to feed her any formula. I know this might not seem like a big deal to some people, as I know that there are others out there who have expressed for eighteen months plus. I know that some people might…

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Review & Giveaway: Dr Dawn’s Guide to Your Baby’s First Year

August 26, 2016

Since having Little M I’ve realised how totally clueless I am about babies. The NHS website it great for information, but you have to know what you’re looking for, don’t you? Not to mention the rather overwhelming, seemingly endless visits in those first weeks from midwives and the health visitor; and then you somehow have to get yourself and your baby out of the house…

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Meet the Parents – Advice for new mummies and daddies with The Mighty Duxbury’s

August 24, 2016

Welcome back to my blog series giving advice to new mummies and daddies – from those who have been there themselves. This week I’m joined by Amy. Tell me a bit about you, your blog and your family. I’m Amy, I’m a solicitor working full time in a personal injury firm and blogging over at Mum’s the Law as often as I can. The blog…

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The 12 Week Immunisations

August 22, 2016

Little M had her 12 week immunisations today. She’s actually just turned 13 weeks but I rescheduled last week’s appointment as we had to travel down to Somerset last week for a friend’s wedding. After the all-day screamathon we experienced after the first set of immunisations Little M had at eight weeks, there was no way I’d risk putting her in a car for a…

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Five things I’ve learned about travelling with a baby

August 20, 2016

After writing all about our packing escapades on Monday, I thought I’d share what we learned from four days away with Little M. At the very least it might save one reader a bit of time/space in the car! 1) We shouldn’t have bothered taking the Snüzpod. Despite Little M sleeping through for several nights before we went away, we discovered after several sleepless hours…

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