Pondering Playtime // LEGO Duplo Building Challenge

November 22, 2019

Welcome back to Pondering Playtime, my weekly series where I share a favourite play and learning activity. This week, I’ve chosen a LEGO Duplo building challenge activity, using free printable challenge cards, from the LEGO Education website. Full Disclosure: We were gifted some of the LEGO Duplo used in this post for inclusion in a gift guide, a couple of years ago. However, we love Duplo and have bought more ourselves, since!

LEGO Duplo Building Challenge – Set Up

LEGO Duplo building cards of a rocket, flower and caterpillar, laid out on a blue tuff spot, with Duplo pieces next to each one, ready for building.

I had been Googling ‘Duplo Challenge Cards’ and came across these fabulous preschool building instructions on the Lego Education website. They are free printables, and you can choose as many as you’d like. I selected three that I felt were most suited to my three year old.

Once I’d printed off the challenge cards, I then rummaged through our LEGO Duplo to find all of the pieces needed. Admittedly, M could have done this herself, but I think she might have lost interest quite quickly. I think having the pieces set out by the instruction cards made for a more engaging and appealing activity. Also, we didn’t have quite exactly all of the pieces shown on the building instructions, so I had to make a few substitutions.

You will need:

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LEGO Duplo Building Challenge – What M thought

M enjoyed the challenging nature of this activity. She was keen to do as much of it as possible herself, so I used questioning to prompt her to the right answer, rather than telling her what to do (e.g. “Have a look at this bit, is it overlapping or does the block sit in the middle?” or, “Is that a large block or a smaller one?”).

It was lovely to see how pleased M was, once she had completed each build. The simple, visual instructions from LEGO Education were perfect for a first attempt at following instructions.

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