Making new discoveries with Asda Little Angels

April 15, 2017

A few weeks ago Little M and I took a trip into London with our friends Sarah and Piglet from Boo Roo and Tigger Too. The lovely people at Asda invited us to have breakfast with them and take a look at the new Little Angels range.

Being a first time parent, I’ve completely fallen into the trap of thinking that the only type of nappies I should be using are that premium brand (you know, the one that rhymes with hampers?). Don’t get me wrong, these nappies have served us very well and I’ve been happy with them, but we can only really afford to buy them when they’re on offer. We tried a couple of other brands when Little M was tiny in an attempt to save money, but none really seemed quite as a good, so we reverted back to what we knew.

Asda Little Angels Comfort and Protect Nappies

We’ve never tried Asda Little Angels before though. I was really interested to give them a go, especially as they have now relaunched their nappies. The new Comfort and Protect nappy has clever features like an elasticated back panel (Little Angels are the only brand to have this feature all the way through the range, starting at newborn sizes) and they feel super soft, too.

Little Angels Comfort and Protect Nappies, Little Angels swim nappies

The jumbo pack of Little Angels nappies that Asda gave us feels like it’s lasted forever. They’re only £5 for a jumbo pack, too, until 1st May when they’ll go to their regular price of £5.50. Still an absolute bargain! I’ve actually been really impressed with Asda Little Angels nappies. To be honest I think I was a bit of a nappy snob before. They’ve been great though and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.

Asda Little Angels Swim Pants

Asda also kindly sent us some swim nappies to try. We went to Centre Parcs on Wednesday to visit my brother and Little M’s cousins who are holidaying there. Little M had her first ever swim! After a lot of faffing over what to pack, it turns out that babies really don’t need that much stuff in order to go swimming. I must admit, I do wish I’d taken Little M swimming sooner when she was much smaller. Unfortunately, I think my own hang ups over my post-baby body have been stopping me. I needed this opportunity to just force me into it!

Little Angels swim nappies, swim nappies, swimming with baby

Little Angels swim nappies are so easy to use – they just pull up like pants. I’ve never used any other brand of swim nappy before but these seemed completely adequate under a neoprene swim nappy. Little M wasn’t too sure about the water but she seemed perfectly comfortable in her swimming togs! I really must take her swimming more often so that she gets used to being in the water and it’s a more enjoyable experience for her. I’ll definitely be taking Little Angels nappies and swim nappies with me when I do.

Disclosure: We were sent Asda Little Angels nappies and swim nappies free of charge. However, all opinions are my own.


15 responses to “Making new discoveries with Asda Little Angels”

  1. Abbie says:

    We’ve always used Tesco own brand as it’s our nearest supermarket but I’ve always heard great things about little angels, I’l have to give them a try! x

  2. I used to love Asdas little angels when I live in the UK! After all, nappies are for holding poo so they shouldn’t have to cost the earth!

  3. I love Asdas little angels nappies, we used them a lot when Elijah was ypunger. We have been using Aldi’s nappies for the last few months xx

    • Jules says:

      We tried Aldi’s when M was tiny and didn’t get on with them, which is why I was a bit unsure about trying another supermarket own brand. Little Angels have been great though, and I’d definitely buy them again x

  4. I may have to get some swim nappies actually as we are away soon and only have a few left. We liked the Little Angels nappies we had recently 🙂

  5. Jaime oliver says:

    we thought their new nappies were super soft too, thanks for the heads up on the swim nappies i need some disposable ones for holiday in a few weeks

  6. OddHogg says:

    We used ASDA little angles from the day Piglet was born. As a preemie he was on the small side, and the ASDA Size 1 nappies were the perfect size. I haven’t tried their swim nappies though – despite swimming with Piglet at least once a week! So they’ll be in my basket next time I’m shopping

  7. Emma says:

    Oh I used to swear by Asda’s Little Angels nappies. One of the only brands that my two weren’t allergic to and they are such fantastic value for monely like you say. The swim nappies look fab as well 🙂

  8. I had no idea anyone other than ‘you know who’ made swim nappies, so I’ll definitely get these to try out when we go away to a holiday park with a pool in a couple of weeks! We use Asda nappies quite a lot anyway (my preschooler always picks out the peppa pull ups for her brother if she’s with us haha!)

  9. These swim nappies from ASDA sound fab! It’s really handy when they pull up like that for getting on & off after the pool when they are all wet. Their new comfort & protect nappy sounds really good too!

  10. I am also a nappy snob! I totally get where you are coming from when they are on offer too! I hate to think the amount we have spent on nappies over the last few years. I had no idea they did swim nappies though and will be looking into these once Kipper starts his classes again next term. Loving M’s little lady bird costume x

  11. Natalie says:

    I always used the big brands with my first, but with my other Children I use the supermarket brands and to be honest I think that I prefer them!!

  12. Mrs H says:

    I’ve heard so many people rave about ASDA’s Little Angel nappies. I wish that we lived nearer to an ASDA so that we could try them. They do sound brilliant. The swimming nappies sound great too. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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